Joan Morosani

About Joan

In my work, I seek to give the viewer a sense of participation in the fleeting beauty of everyday life.

Quiet moments of reflection and contemplation are both transient and timeless. Ever-changing patterns and movement in the natural world display a sacred geometry. Shadows, which are created by the interplay of darkness and light, have living presence and energy.

There is a personal and universal element of storytelling in my subject matter. The landscapes, people, animals and objects are a part of my life. A viewer can enter the painting and experience a moment in time.

Process and the materials are a part of the expression in my work. I paint in the tradition of oil painting, but, rather than working on canvas, the paintings are done on archival watercolor paper, treated to bond with paint. Paper has a freshness and immediacy I associate with modernity. Edges are left unfinished in order to show layers of paint and give evidence of the act of putting paint to paper.