B.A.; Sarah Lawrence College, 1975
Studied with Susan Hall & Bernard Pfreim
University of Pennsylvania: 1973-1974
Studied with Rackstraw Downes
Art Student’s League; 1976; 1995-2001
Studied with Robert Beverly Hale, Robert Palomba, Irwin Greenberg, Mary Beth McKenzie.
Isabel O’Neil Studio; 1994-1995
National Academy; 2001-2005
Studied with Peter Cox, Barbara Grossman, Burton Silverman, Henry Finkelstein.
Washington Art Association; 2009
Studied with Lois Dodd

Oliver Wolcott Library; Litchfield, Connecticut; 2009
The Haight Vinyard; Litchfield, Connecticut; 2009
The White Gallery; Lakeville, Connecticut; 2008
White Space Gallery; New Haven, Connecticut; 2008
Washington Art Association; Washington, Connecticut: 2007
Vermont Artisans Gallery; Brattleboro, Vermont; 2007
Artwell Gallery; Torrington, Connecticut; 2007
Oliver Wolcott Library; Litchfield, Connecticut; 2006

Artist Statement
I attempt to paint not as an observer, but with a sense of participation. In conveying this connection, I see my subject as if for the first time.
The viewer can enter the experience. The moment captured in the painting may be one in which the subject is a person sitting quietly in reflection or the instant the afternoon sun strikes the glaze on a piece of porcelain.
I think about the contrast of sound and silence and the mystery of a random flash of light on a surface. I attempt to catch the instantaneous recognition of the intimate moment in time.

Joan Devine Morosani
April 2011